Monday, October 10, 2011

i can't get no (Stevie Jackson)

Stevie Jackson, best known as the guitarist for the Scottish indie group Belle and Sebastian, has come out with his own Solo LP this month. The album is already available to buy online, but the hard copy won't be released until October 24. If you're curious, you can hear some of his songs here. Judging from these samples, I would warrant that Jackson's album is not the same quality as Belle and Sebastian, but that's not to say that Jackson's music won't be enjoyable. It's pleasant, rather reminiscent of the Beatles, sometimes a little too synthesized, in short, a chipper album with some pleasant songs but nothing terribly outstanding or inspiring. Some of the refrains become annoying and grating after a little while, but, all in all, it's not a bad album.

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  1. eeep! that's exciting.

    and yeah, i was facebook stalking you tonight. don't worry- i'm not too creepy. just avoiding am civ exams.
    ciao bella